N O R T H - O K A N A G A N
Invest in the North Okanagan!

If you are thinking of relocating your business or establishing a new enterprise look at the North Okanagan Region as an ideal location.
Not only does the North Okanagan Valley have spectacular natural beauty, abundant recreational opportunities and an excellent quality of lifestyle but it also offers new businesses and investors a dynamic and growing economy.

Vernon, the major Centre in the North Okanagan has been cited as "A Town that Works". Towns that Work share one key quality - they adapt to change. These towns are determined to pull in, create and support new businesses and people who live in them are genuinely eager to get involved in community development.

The North Okanagan region is situated between three lakes in the northern area of the Okanagan Valley basin, British Columbia, Canada, approximately 5 hours northeast of Vancouver BC. The industrial base of the North Okanagan is very diverse with traditional industries transforming their products and services to meet the need of the global economy and new emerging industries finding rapid growth markets.

This web site has been developed to provide investors and businesses the opportunity to examine the economic profile of the North Okanagan. The site includes a Regional Profile with economic data, Development Information (where to go, what to do to get your business here), and links to many sites in the Region which can provide more detailed information.

Have a look and then contact us if you think that the North Okanagan could be your destination and want more information. Please email us or call - we would be happy to provide you with the information you require.

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