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Business Advantages

Locating your business in the North Okanagan provides your company with an array of advantages. The North Okanagan offers unique business scenarios by combining a supportive entrepreneurial climate with an exceptional quality of life.
For doing business, the North Okanagan offers:
  • A regional government committed to enhancing business opportunities
  • A skilled educated workforce which is loyal and dedicated to its employers
  • A strong business infrastructure
  • Access to advanced technology
  • Low operating costs including highly competitive wage rates
  • Capital availability
  • Competitive tax rates

An abundance of natural resources, a clean, safe and healthy environment, a favourable business climate, and diverse recreational opportunities offer new businesses an ideal location. The spectacular scenery and a variety of landscapes, combined with a moderate climate producing wonderfully warm spring weather, beautifully hot and sunny summers, mild autumns and temperate winters, makes the North Okanagan an attractive destination for business location and the recruitment of professional staff.
Located halfway between Vancouver and Calgary, the area offers competitive pricing and services for the business community. The North Okanagan has a positive business climate and a propensity towards entrepreneurship as small business is the cornerstone of the local economy.
Overall growth in the economy of the North Okanagan can be attributed to:
  • availability of highly skilled workers
  • advanced education/training facilities
  • attraction and retention of professionals through quality of life opportunities
  • high quality/quantity of technical infrastructure
  • reasonable real estate costs

Reasons to Invest

Why Canada
  • Proximity and easy access to North American markets
  • A growing economy one of the strongest among the G7
  • One of the lowest inflation rates in the world
  • Attractive R&D incentives
  • Canada's membership to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) trading market providing investors to more than 360 million consumers
  • Canada is rated as one of the best countries in the world in which to invest, to do business and to live
  • Excellent working and business environment

Why British Columbia

  • Specific labour standard exemption for high technology businesses
  • Springboard to the Pacific Rim
  • Modern transportation system
  • A knowledge-based workforce-13% of BC's workforce has university degrees (2006 Census data)
  • No general corporation capital tax, employer payroll taxes, franchise tax or machinery sales tax
  • Over the last few years, over 100 tax cuts have been introduced resulting in BC having some of the lowest taxes in North America
  • Competitive corporate tax rates
  • Affordable and plentiful energy resources

Why the North Okanagan

  • Internationally competitive labour costs and productivity
  • Skilled workers, higher education facilities, research facilities
  • A good-sized, well-educated and productive labour pool
  • A leading competitive community with a strong entrepreneurial spirit
  • An economically diverse, progressive, and successful region
  • Reasonably priced land
  • Healthy supply of available commercial leasing situations
  • Loyal workforce
  • Strong sense of community
  • Minimal commuting time
  • Ease of recruiting and retaining professionals/workers because of the attractive living environment
  • Proximity to exceptional recreational amenities
  • High quality local education
  • Unique combination of business and lifestyle opportunities
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